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Thursday 28th September, 5-7pm
  • Click Here
    100% A*-C grades in A Level Further Maths, English Language and Geography.
    24 out of 30 students received DDD or above in BTEC Healthcare
    24 out of 28 students received DDD or above in BTEC Applied Science
    Enrol now for September 2017
    99% A Level Pass Rate 2017
  • Congratulations to all students for another fantastic set of GCSE results!
  • thank-you

    Binary options mt4 demo, Binary option profit calculator

    The first UK school to specialise in Science and Healthcare for 14-19 year olds…

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    laparoscopic surgery


    Thinking about applying to UTC, find out all you need to know here…

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    Liverpool Life Sciences UTC provides pupils with a unique educational experience…

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    Latest News

    September 19, 2017

    Binary options mt4 demo, Binary option profit calculator

    If you have ever heard me speak at an event, attended an open evening or pretty much sat through any meeting with me you will know […]
    September 8, 2017

    Reflecting on Induction Week

    Induction, even the word sounds boring. For many, having started new jobs and new schools before it is a series of mundane, form filling, box ticking, […]

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