6th October, 2014

ASiT Surgery Taster Day


Myself and other year 12 and 13 students were recently given the chance to take part in the Association of Surgeons In Training (ASiT) surgery day lead by Mr Steve Hornby. We received a master class, in which we were informed of the occupation of a surgeon in which he outlined various branches within the medical profession. It was also very interesting learning about Mr Steve Hornby’s career in particular such as his time working in the U.S. and his medical training.

laparoscopic surgery

The following day, Mr Hornby returned to Life Sciences UTC to deliver an ‘Intro to Surgery’ workshop. Again in association with ASiT, the taster day was ran by a group of surgeons who were able to teach us a wide variety of things from correct suturing techniques to performing laparoscopic surgery. The day was particularly helpful to me as I am pursuing a career in medicine. I especially enjoyed taking part in the mock examinations of patients and think that we progressed well as team in such a short space of time.


I also liked practicing surgical procedures on the pig’s trotter and I thought I was quite good at it, despite my lack of confidence before taking part. The day has definitely encouraged me to think more seriously about a career in surgery.

- Rose M, Year 13