Build My Future Festival – 2018

Build My Future Festival is a dynamic two-day careers event that takes place in the heart of one of Liverpool’s most creative districts. On the 16th and 17th of November, Northern Schools Trust host an enthralling programme of presentations and interactive seminars to their cross-trust cohort of Year 12 students.

Greenland BioDesign

The Greenland group was initially set up during the opening year of the Liverpool Life Sciences UTC in order to provide an outlet for students who wanted to take their own interests in Science a little bit further.

Additional Transferable Skills

There are several other key strand that run through the Innovation Lab programme, including the development of communication skills: from comprehensive lab note books, through detailed experimental planning sheets, archiving and tracking materials for others to use, poster presentations, oral presentations, constructing abstracts, writing reports, creating appealing and informative infograms etc.

The UCAS app

The UCAS app (to the above this sentence), contains important information about higher education and the UCAS application process. It is for students and parents to help increase knowledge of the information, and advise what UCAS has to offer. The content will be reviewed regularly by UCAS so it remains up-to-date and relevant.