BRI launches new journal and alumni programme

As the summer term drew to an end, the UTC hosted a showcase which allowed students to present their ideas, concepts and projects surrounding the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. For the communications team behind the Baltic Research Institute, it was the ideal day to promote the Institute and new edition of the Baltic Science Journal. The collective of students, who run the first student-led research institute in the UK, launched their second edition of the Baltic Science Journal, alongside a new podcast. ‘The Baltic Podcast’ is set to entice listeners by showcasing the work which is happening at Liverpool Life Sciences UTC.

The Baltic Research Institute launched its first Baltic Science Journal in January 2018, designed to widen the exposure of research conducted by pre-university students in the areas of science, psychology and humanities. The journal demonstrates that young people are keen and able to advance knowledge in higher level research, and is produced, managed, edited and created by passionate students from the Baltic Research Institute.

The team launched not only its second edition of the yearly journal but also its first ‘mini journal’ – filled with news and summaries of pre-university research. The mini edition of the Baltic Science Journal is intended to give readers a quick science fix, with updates on recent scientific development, news and research taking place inside the UTC.

While the year 13 students who have contributed so much to the Baltic Science Journal have now left the school, the Baltic Research Institute is keen to not lose their wisdom and expertise. It has also launched an alumni programme to keep in touch with these students as they progress through university and into exciting careers. Coaching sessions will invite alumni back into the BRI to work with existing students, to help them to develop their ideas and research.

During the showcase, members of the comms team welcomed visitors with a pair of headphones and the chance to listen to the first episodes of The Baltic Podcast. The podcast will keep listeners up-to-date with recent breakthroughs happening in the scientific community, alongside exciting news about the work happening inside both the Baltic Research Institute and Liverpool Life Sciences UTC. This includes exciting student-led research projects, masterclasses, conferences, showcases and work placements surrounding the world of scientific research.

You can read previous editions of the Baltic Science Journal and listen to the first episodes of the podcast here…

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