Our Promise

A job, apprenticeship or university place for all students who successfully complete their programme of study with the Liverpool Life Sciences UTC.

To deliver our promise, exceptional careers advice, guidance and information for all students is essential.

Independent advice and guidance can also be accessed through the National Careers Service.

Parents – For more information on careers information, advice and guidance at the Liverpool Life Sciences UTC, please download this information leaflet UTC Careers


Results Day

Careers by Year Group

From day one at the UTC, students are introduced to the promise that we make. Successfully graduate from the UTC and we guarantee for you a job, apprenticeship or university course. Students are also introduced to the responsibilities that come with this promise, work hard, outstanding attendance and 100% commitment.
Students start a process of careers action planning to engage them at this early stage with the ‘end game’, a successful transition to a future career. They work directly with their Academic Mentor to think about the future and start mapping their aspirations and desired progression route. Students participate in early research about the three progression routes, including looking at university prospectuses to identify areas of interest, clarifying qualification requirements and understanding the experience. Students start to take part in visits to local universities and participate in taster sessions that allow them to understand what a degree might offer them.
Students participate in a variety of masterclasses from industry experts to introduce them to areas not typically covered by traditional careers advisors. Visits are organised with partner businesses to give students an insight into the world of work. Industry inspired projects allow us to teach the core technical and employability skills in a safe and controlled setting.

In Year 11, students are encouraged to understand more about how different careers are associated with curriculum areas during subject lessons. This enables them to think past their GCSEs and make good decisions regarding their Level 3 options. CIAG is also delivered explicitly during PSHE and Enrichment sessions.
Students continue to work on their career action plans and participate in a careers interview with an external advisor. The focus for Year 11 is mentoring, monitoring and motivating students to stay on track or exceed their target GCSE grades. Careers information is a strong incentive to perform at this early level, particularly with the starting requirements to
access Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science courses set at 7 or 8 A/ A* grades.
Additional time in Year 11 is built in for students unlikely to progress to Level 3 at the UTC to ensure they understand the future education and training options available to them. A strong focus is placed on building employability skills.
Progression Fairs take place in the Spring Term to provide impartial information on alternative Level 3 education providers, apprenticeships and work opportunities.

Year 12 again starts with a strong focus on the Liverpool Life Sciences UTC promise – a job, apprenticeship or university place for every student that successfully graduates from their programme of study. The three progression routes of the promise are given equal precedence within the UTC and are promoted during a three day award winning Build My Future Festival in March.
Students are encouraged to think about their career aspirations from day one. This allows us to tailor a personal programme of projects, placements and masterclasses to ensure students have a wide variety of appropriate experiences that will support any future applications to jobs, apprenticeships or university. Students complete career aspiration forms each term so we can continue to monitor their changing ideas and ensure these aspirations are well-considered and achievable.
Throughout the Spring and Autumn Terms, a selection of competitive work placements take place with the partner businesses and students are encouraged to apply for these opportunities in practise for applying for work.
Students also experience our extensive masterclass programme, UTC Transmits Seminar Programme and a variety of visits to employers to offer them an insight into the different careers available and inspire them to work hard to achieve their goals.
Students participate in one-to-one careers interviews after Easter and work in collaboration with the Professional Guidance Leader, Mr McCann to create a detailed action plan that encompasses any additional academic, skills and experience requirements.

Mr McCann works in small mentoring groups with students keen to progress directly into employment to build employability skills. Students meet with recruitment consultants from the sector to identify opportunities and support their applications.
Students keen to progress to an apprenticeship work in close contact with Mr McCann to search for new vacancies and prepare applications.
Students keen to go on to University are given continuing advice and guidance on UCAS applications during the Autumn Term. Students work one-to-one with their Academic Mentor and Mr McCann to ensure the best possible applications are created. Students applying to competitive courses such as medicine are supported to prepare for the additional admissions tests.
Practice university interviews, apprenticeship interviews and job interviews take place with both internal and external interviewers where required.
Mrs MacAulay, the Director of Enterprise liaises directly with the business partner base to identify opportunities for work and apprenticeships. The collaboration allows us to understand winning applications and put our students in the best possible position for current and furture vacancies.
Mr McCann monitors the destination data to ensure every student has been successfully accepted into a suitable apprenticeship, university course or job role prior to leaving the UTC following the A2 exams. Students will not finish Year 13 until this has been achieved.

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