Graphic Communication GCSE

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What is (name of the course)?

GCSE Graphic Communication introduces you to the world of Graphic Design through drawing, collage, mixed media and computer manipulation. You will research and respond to set briefs, exploring and commenting on others work as part of the design development and ideas process.

Why study this course?

Studying Graphics at GCSE is a fantastic way to develop a foundation portfolio of skills which will prepare students for further study of Art, Graphics and Photography at A Level. It is also a fantastic start to a career in the creative industries. This course encourages students to look at developing creative solutions to problems.

What can you expect from this course?

This is a brilliant opportunity to develop your observational drawing and understanding of a range of Adobe Programmes, including Illustrator and Photoshop.

How is it assessed?

60% Coursework, 40% Externally assessed exam

How will it prepare me?

The creative pathway lays the foundation for both the technical, analytical and problem-solving skills required for future creative and academic endeavours. Students will not only create a portfolio of work to represent their skills and interests, but also will gain confidence in their abilities as creators. Students develop understanding of visual communication and how images can impact and influence others. Students will learn a range of Graphic Design skills which will prepare the for work in a number of creative careers,

Future career ideas:

  • graphic design
  • animator
  • concept artist
  • games designer
  • photographer
  • advertising and marketing
  • architecture
  • film, TV, video, radio
  • IT, software and computer services
  • Publishing
  • museums, galleries and libraries

What will I study?

In year 10 students will complete a project responding to the starting point of Alter Egos. The focus of the project will be on learning and developing a range skills using industry standard software such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop as well as their drawing ability.  The skills learnt in this project will give them an excellent base to build on in the second year.

In Year 11 students will begin by researching and planning a personal investigation project. Some examples from this year include Cereal Branding, Comic Book Art and Tourism posters. This will be an opportunity for students to develop the skills learnt in year one and specialise in one (or more) area(s) of Graphic Communication such as illustration, branding, animation and product design etc. Students will then complete an Externally Set assignment will follow the same process as previous projects, and will culminate in a practical exam where students can create responses to the project.

Additional activities within this subject

Animation, Character Development, Photography


Philip Rogers, Gary Jones