History A Level

Full name of specification

AQA A Level History

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Name of textbook if used

American Revolution
Tudor England

Why study this course?

Studying A-Level History not only helps improve your knowledge of the past, but it also helps you gain skills that are invaluable in many jobs. Some of these skills include analysing, researching, communication and problem-solving. You’ll also gain the ability to prioritise information and learn how to make vital decisions. This helps you to build a important skill-set needed for progression into university or a career.

What can you expect from this course?

To learn detailed knowledge of the past and apply real life skills for University such as analysing and using evidence.

How is it assessed?

Two papers in June Year 13 and 20% NEA Coursework which is assessed by the teacher and then sent for external assessment.

What are the entry requirements?

5 or above at GCSE, if not studied then a 6 or above in English Literature.

What can I do after completing this qualification?

There are a range of degree’s a History A-Level can allow you onto including Law, Politics, Public sector, Business and many more. This course is perfect if you want to kick-start your career as an archaeologist, lawyer or teacher.

What will I study? (include unit numbers and names)

1c The Tudors
2o The American Revolution
100 Years of Anti Semitism

Wider Reading list

Harry Ward

Useful links or Apps

History podcast app – The Tudors

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Topics around the issues such as America and the development as a nation and Nazi Germany to support the Holocaust.


Mrs Bonnesen, Mr Challinor