Liverpool Life Sciences UTC provides pupils with a unique educational experience. Students are encouraged to take a core curriculum of GCSEs and/or A Levels, plus a range of vocational qualifications. Business partners help to shape the curriculum by defining their skills requirements and providing projects, masterclasses and training that meets these needs.


When students move into year 10, they are able to make individual choices about what subjects they would like to study. The role of the Liverpool Life Sciences UTC is to offer information and guidance on the different options available and help you to make decisions that will support you in the future.

We work closely with students and parents to ensure you understand the wide range of subject options available, and to help you understand the opportunities and challenges that each subject brings.

We are then able to create a personalised programme for each Key Stage 4 student that offers a broad, balanced curriculum that suits each student’s individual talents, needs and aspirations.

The Liverpool Life Sciences UTC offers two exceptional specialisms, Science and Health. Each student will have the opportunity to learn more about our specialisms, experiencing projects that help them identify their talents.

It is important to remember that all students have access to a full range of GCSE subjects. Choosing a specialist school, like the UTC, will not limit their options for post-16 education.

Core Subjects Core subjects are compulsory for all students. Some core subjects are examined, some are not.

The core examination subjects are:

  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Science (The majority of students will work towards seperate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics, but we also offer Double Award and BTEC Level 2 Applied Science)

The core curriculum also includes some non-examination subjects:

  • Physical Education
  • Personal, Social Health, Citizenship Education
  • Religious Education

Students can select from the range of optional subjects below:

  • Animal Care
  • Arabic
  • Business Studies
  • Geography
  • Engineering
  • Health and Social Care
  • History
  • Psychology
  • Computer Science
  • Spanish
  • Sport
  • Sociology

PSHE Curriculum

Students in Year 10 study a variety of topics including History of Liverpool, Square Mile Project, Finance IFS Qualification, Citizenship, Latin.

Students in Year 11 study Exploring careers/Job Prospects/Sixth Form, Exploring stress management techniques – a focus on mental health, Exploring gang culture/sex education guest speaker, Exploring gang culture, Exploring sex education, Exploring revision techniques and strategies for success, Exploring the city we live in – the history/current opportunities, Exploring faith: Diversity/respect for all/ British Values, Preparing applications/exploring interview techniques, Managing your money/finance, Exploring citizenship: democracy and justice.

Exploring Medicine and Dentistry
Suggested Options: A Level Biology, A Level Chemistry, A Level Physics, A Level Maths, A Level Further Maths, A Level Psychology, A Level History

Exploring Health Sciences
Suggested Options: A Level Biology, A Level Physics, A Level Maths, A Level Psychology, A Level Sociology, A Level English Language, BTEC Health & Social Care

Exploring Care
Suggested Options: BTEC Health & Social Care, A Level Sociology, A Level Psychology, A Level English Language

Exploring Life Sciences
Suggested Options: A Level Biology, A Level Chemistry, A Level Physics, A Level Maths, A Level Further Maths, A Level Psychology, A Level Geography, BTEC Applied Science

Exploring Pharmacy
Suggested Options: A Level Chemistry, A Level Biology, A Level Maths, A Level Psychology, A Level English Language, A Level History, A Level Geography, BTEC Applied Science

Exploring Animal Science
Suggested Options: A Level Biology, A Level Chemistry, A Level Physics, A Level Maths, A Level Further Maths, A Level Geography, BTEC Applied Science

Exploring Forensic Science
Suggested options: BTEC Forensic Science, A Level Psychology, A Level Sociology, A Level Biology, Diploma Criminology

Exploring Physical Sciences
Suggested Options: A Level Chemistry, A Level Physics, A Level Biology, A Level Maths, A Level Further Maths, A Level Geography, BTEC Applied Science

Physical Education and Sport Provision

At Liverpool Life Sciences UTC we seek to provide a full, varied and interesting Physical Education KS4 curriculum which challenges, engages and excites staff and children alike. We see Physical Education as a vital part of the education experience as a whole.

Within the UTC we provide experiences and activities during our P.E sessions such as:

  • Dance and Movement
  • Invasion Games
  • Striking and Field Games
  • Gymnastics
  • Athletics

We work collaboratively with schools in our Multi Academy Trust to ensure students can experience a wide range of activities and utilise a variety of sporting environments.

Technical Skills

Developing a range of technical, specialised skills is key to opening the doors to jobs with local employers. In conjunction with businesses like Local Solutions, Redx Pharma, Novartis, Pro-Lab Diagnostics, Unilever and Thermo Fisher, we have built a curriculum that not only provides students with their core academic qualifications, such as GCSEs and A Levels, but also develops the key technical skills associated with qualifications such as the Care Certificate, IFS Level 1 Award in Personal Finance (Institute of Financial Services) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Two periods every week are dedicated to Technical Projects. Students work in project teams on industry inspired projects that combine Science, Healthcare, Maths and English. Our students have access to industry standard laboratories and equipment, not even experienced at Undergraduate level so they have an advantage when entering the industry as an employee or our mock Hospital Ward environment where they work with clinical educators. Our partner businesses are involved in developing and delivering the themes of the projects which take place at the school and on-site at our partners locations.

Gifted and Talented

Every student at the UTC is gifted and talented as a result of their enrolment within a UTC specialising in Sciences and Healthcare. The areas of expertise and the time taken for their gifts and talents to shine through will be very different. It is our mission at Liverpool Life Sciences UTC to strive to challenge every one of our students and encourage our pupils to embrace their gift and make a difference in the world of healthcare and science.
Within our unique environment students are not only stretched academically in the classroom but also through the enormous variety of enrichment activities in our Innovation Labs, Health Care Suite and unrivalled placement opportunities.

Within the classroom:
The UTC curriculum takes into account the needs of high achieving students through differentiation, extension and acceleration and makes use of all available expertise.
A combination of principles is incorporated into curriculum planning and Quality Teaching First to allow all our pupils to succeed:

• Differentiation by outcome.  This allows responses at very different levels to the same initial stimulus.
• Differentiation by task may be varied both in terms of style and content.
• Differentiation by pace.  Able students need the facility to proceed at a greater speed.

Innovation Labs and Healthcare suite:

Every project, in every Innovation Lab session allows students to interact and use modern analytical techniques that are designed to stretch and challenge them.

From following complex laboratory procedures to designing their own independent research the Innovation Lab allows every one of our students to uncover and nurture hidden gifts and talents as well as reinforce those we are already aware of.

Careers Education

Students’ academic and technical education is enhanced and supported by an award winning programme of careers education. Each year students participate in the Build my Future programme and festival . All students complete a programme of activities to help them make and implement decisions about their future careers alongside building key employability skills.


Sessions run on rotation, sign up with Mrs Small. Some of the sessions include the following opportunities, determined by our business partners and sponsors to give you a headstart in your future careers. Some of our enrichment activities are listed below:

  • Aquaponics
  • Flamenco dancing
  • 3D Printing
  • Junior Doctor Scenarios
  • Watersports
  • Sign Language
  • Debating Team
  • Music Production
  • Fitness
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme
  • Primary Schools Science Club
  • Programme of visits, trips and residentials.