Digital Apps Event

On Tuesday, ten of our Year 10 pupils attended an Ecosystem digital apps event at Ewood Park, Blackburn.

The event showcased a variety of apps and technology, which have been designed to digitally enhance the health sector.

Our pupils won the opportunity to attend the event through the ‘Build My Future’ competition held internally within the UTC. The pupils were tasked with designing an app or piece of technology, which would help improve the lives of adults over 65.

We received some brilliant entries into the competition, and picked three of the best to attend the event. The winning group designed an app which could recognise early onset dementia, by challenging its user to complete a number of mental tests.

‘The Prongo’, an idea from our second group, was a portable blood sugar monitor, which takes blood samples and uploads the results straight onto a computer or digital device.

The final group designed a medical tool belt which served as an aid to its user. The belt contained a number of features, including a pill box and heart monitor.

The event served as an excellent networking opportunity for our students. They were able to engage with industry experts, asking them a number of interesting questions.

Ellie May, one of the students on the trip, asked “What would you do to ensure that the app is more accessible to the elderly?”

Overall, the students thoroughly enjoyed attending the event. “I enjoyed learning about how digital apps and technology are shaping the future of the health sector,” said Sam Winder.

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