Engineers receive visit from Steve Cox and Charlie Jones from Autodesk.

Autodesk have again taken time out of their busy schedules to work with our students.

Charlie Jones, Education Manager at Autodesk says, “You walk into some schools and instantly know you’re dealing with something special. The levels of engagement and intellect from both the students and the staff were second to none. Visiting schools/colleges like Liverpool UTC is what makes this job great. Keep up the good work, you’re offering a brilliant future to your students.”

Autodesk Education team guided our year 12 Level 3 engineering students through Stress simulations, typically only studied at undergraduate level. They helped Year 9 develop CAD models for their COVID safe train Carriage projects and the prototype of their plastivore digester.  They explained to year 10 engineering what the future of making is going to be like, and what they should be doing now to be part of that future.

Straight after the year 12 session, Jake applied the stress analysis simulations to his own project converting his moped from petrol to electric using fusion 360 to design and then 3D print all of the fixings. He said “It was brilliant to see what can be done so quickly, and I learnt so much in such a short space of time. Steve, and Charlie are amazing examples of where you can get to within engineering”.

Steve Cox, Autodesk Consultant said, “It was great to visit and meet yourself, all of the other staff, and some of your seriously inspirational students in person. It only served to reinforce what I felt from our online training sessions, that you are doing amazing things at Liverpool Life Sciences UTC, and there is a special relationship forming with Autodesk Education. Many thanks for hosting us today.”

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