Exciting times at the UTC with the Hitachi / Iris Scanning Electron Microscope

Over 120 Students have so far experienced using the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) for themselves, and many are participating in multi session projects.  Students from the Studio School have also had SEM based lessons, and last week we welcomed students and teachers from North Liverpool Academy to participate in the SEM experience.

We are enjoying ourselves so much and learning so much that we asked if we could keep the SEM a little longer…. They said YES! So we now have this fab piece of kit right up to the end of this half term.

Sixth form Students from the Baltic Research Institute presented their SEM work at the virtual IRIS Conference, and their entries have been sent off to the Big Bang competition.

New projects are starting up; we have taken delivery of a beautiful set of ethically sourced butterflies and moths, beautiful, but also a gothic memento mori. Students are looking forward to seeing how their wing structure leads to iridescence. We will also be looking for similarities in differences in microstructure, and if these relate to appearance in visible light.

Our Collaboration with Alison Beckett at Liverpool University’s Biomedical Electron Microscopy Facility has entered a new phase as Isaac’s samples have been delivered to Alison for her help in coating the samples for observation in the Transglutaminase project.

All in all, we are gearing up for a final push to get the very best from this tremendous opportunity!

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