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Humanitarian Training in Cambodia

Practicing Emergency trauma management
Our surgeon-in-residence recently returned from a week-long work stint to Cambodia.
Working with leading Charity HALO, Dr Hampton and a group of peers received training on how to deliver vital emergency trauma care for victims of landmines and other ordnance.

Working through hypothetical scenarios, Dr Hampton and the team learnt to deal with all aspects of initial care, from the immediate stabilisation of the casualty to more intricate paramedic procedures, to safe transport and delivery to the hospital.

The effects of landmines are often deadly. In their efforts to practice Humanitarian relief across the country, the HALO Trust save lives and restore communities threatened by landmines and other weapons of war, such as cluster bombs, stockpiles of small arms and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). 

Their long-term aims are to create safe and secure environments in war-torn communities by clearing landmines, managing stockpiles of weapons and destroying unexploded ordnance.

This year marks 20 years since Diana, Princess of Wales visited minefield in Angola and Bosnia with HALO and helped to raise awareness of the global issue of landmines. Well-known figures such as the likes of Prince Harry are also now heavily involved with this worthy cause.

Dr Hampton was delighted to have had the opportunity to undergo this important and humbling experience with HALO and is eager to report back his findings to all our budding medics here at the Life Sciences UTC.

To find out more about the charity, visit and its current campaigns visit: https://www.halotrust.org/


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