Independent report celebrates positive impact of Cadet Forces

Exciting new research into UK Cadet Forces highlights the positive impacts on young peoples’ development, adult volunteers and wider society.

You can read the full report here

The report states that:

Participation in the Cadet Forces has significant positive impacts on young people, increasing their performance at school and improving their employment and career prospects. Cadets Forces also bring benefits the adult volunteers that support them through access to vocational qualifications, whilst schools that participate in the Cadet Expansion Programme experience improved attendance and Ofsted relevant outcomes.

Specifically, participation in UK Cadet Forces:

  • enhances young people’s communication skills, confidence, resilience, leadership, and respect for diversity.
  • improves the health and wellbeing of cadets, producing an annual return on investment in the region of £95 million.
  • increases young people’s educational performance through increased attendance and improved behaviour.
    • the highest improvements here are for males, those for whom English is an additional language, and those that are economically disadvantaged.

In addition, Cadet Forces also deliver a wide range of other impacts:

  • CVQO offers vocational qualifications to the Cadet Forces that deliver an extremely positive return on investment and are, in many cases, potentially life- changing. The lifetime value of CVQO vocational qualifications for just the 2018 – 2019 cohort of disadvantaged learners is in the region of £27.2 million for girls, and £81.7 million for boys, a total of £108.9 million. The value of CVQO qualifications for all its learners cannot be calculated but is a very significant figure.

Liverpool Life Sciences UTC is affiliated with 208 Field Hospital, Royal Army Medical Corps. We are both proud and delighted to be the first CCF Contingent to have this affiliation. It is our Contingent’s aim for cadets to develop key personal skills through the CCF Army syllabus, and furthermore understand the massive humanitarian responsibility the Army has worldwide through working with the extensive range of highly skilled professionals who volunteer their time at 208 Field Hospital.

If you would like to join our CCF, please contact SSI Chris Bate, in the CUC building on Thursdays and Fridays.

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