Liverpool Physics Teachers’ Conference

Working alongside the University of Liverpool and the Merseyside Branch of the IoP (Institute of Physics), we were delighted to host the 2016 Liverpool Physics Teachers’ Conference at the UTC.

We welcomed teachers from across the city to join us for an exciting programme. The day kicked off in the cinema, where we joined by Professor Rodi Herzberg, University of Liverpool for a guest lecture on superheavy elements. The talk covered the history of chemical elements including the superheavy ones, introduced some key experimental methods, and cited recent results in this exciting field.

After the lecture, our guests split off into groups to attend separate workshops. Group one met with Graham Perrin, who explored Exoplanets and demonstrated how to bring this exciting new area of research to life in the classroom.


Group two were treated to David Cotton’s top ten physics demonstrations. These demonstrations included the use of electricity and magnetism, electromagnetic spectrum, and sound demonstrations.

The third group enjoyed a creative session with Neal Gupta, who provided guests with the tools and materials needed to build their own particle accelerator.

The final group discovered and how it can be used to offer support for both students and teachers in the classroom.


The afternoon saw a switch-over of sessions for each group, followed by a final guest lecture from Dr Rene Breton, University of Manchester who discussed Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity.

It was brilliant to see such an amazing turnout of Physics teachers from across the city.

Thanks to all who attended!

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