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I think it is pretty normal to feel a bit anxious at this stage about moving on to a new school. So this pack has lots of info that will help you to prepare for September. I think it is really important to remember that you are doing something amazing, you have made a decision to follow your passion and are willing to risk moving away from your comfort zone to achieve it. To me, that already means you are a step ahead of many other students your age, and exactly the sort of candidate that our business and university partners will be looking to work with in the future.

Your first couple of weeks might feel a bit strange. You will be joining a professional environment that will not feel like school. Remember everyone is in the same position as you, making new friends, finding their way around and getting used to a new timetable with new lessons and new teachers. In a matter of weeks this will all be normal and you will have settled into the UTC and will be allowing your passions to grow. Keep talking to us, we are all in this together and the team at the UTC are ready to support you and ensure the UTC is all you expected it to be.

We can’t wait to welcome you,

Jill Davies, Principal

Useful Documents

You can download the following documents here.

You will find most things in the information menu at the left hand side of the top menu bar. Or you can use the search function box in the top right hand side to look for things.


We have coordinated a new approach to our enrolment days so you can complete the process online to help you stay safe and prevent large numbers of people from having to travel to our building.

We will be in touch to give you all the details nearer the time, but please do be reassured that this is one less thing for you and your parents to be worried about right now. We will also have teams of staff available in the building on our enrolment and GCSE results days to support you if you have queries about completing the enrolment process, entry requirements, subject choices, learning support and to make sure your timetable and student files are all set up and ready to go for September.

If you have any questions, please email to arrange a call from a member of the Senior Team. 


What should I expect on my first day?

Your first day at the Life Sciences UTC will feel a bit different to your current school. Each year we run an induction experience designed to allow students to start to think and investigate more freely, to get to know each other better, and to try out some of the different spaces around the building. You will not start traditional lessons on your first day. You will work in small project groups to complete a challenge. This isn’t your usual ice breaker type activity and there won’t be silly games or embarrassing introductions. It is a chance to do some real research and to start your UTC experience for real.

What should I bring?

Please bring a pencil case with your standard school day equipment. You do not need to bring files/ paper etc.

Where do I need to go?

CUC Building, Greenland Street, Liverpool, L1 0BS

You will enter through the entrance doors at the far end of the building. The door will have a number of staff waiting to welcome you.

Who should I speak to when I arrive?

You will sign in with the Welcome Teams and receive your plan for the day.

Staff will be located at key points around the building all day for the first few days so you don’t have to worry about not finding your way around.

What should I wear?

Years 9, 10 and 11 Students 

  • Blazer – Black with red/ yellow beading and UTC/ Studio badge
  • Jumper – Black knitted V neck jumper
  • Tie – Black and red stripe/ Black and yellow stripe
  • White Shirt
  • Black Trousers/ Skirt/ Pinafore
  • Black Socks
  • School Shoes must be black with no coloured markings – no trainers, no high heels.

More info on school uniform here

Year 12 and 13 Students

One of the questions we hear most often is what does business dress mean? Here are a few guidelines:

  • A skirt, dress or trouser suit suitable for a professional environment
  • No jeans, skinny jeans or ripped clothing.
  • Tops/blouses/ shirts and ties suitable for a professional environment; low necked tops, t-shirts, vest tops and crop tops are not suitable
  • Words and diagrams on clothing should not be offensive or possibly be seen as offensive
  • No hooded sweatshirts apart from in the fitness suite or during enrichment activities
  • No trainers, flip flops or open toe shoes.
  • Hair and makeup should be appropriate for a professional environment; if hair is coloured it should be within the natural colour range
  • Outer coats and scarves to be removed whilst in the building

I have accepted my place. What happens next?

We will communicate any relevant information and dates to you and your parent by email. If you are not receiving emails from us, please contact to let us know and we will ensure your correct details are updated on our system.

If I don’t get the grades for my subjects, does that mean I can’t come?

If you do not meet the entry criteria for specific subjects with us, you can choose other subjects to study, including our Bridging Programme. We have an expert Sixth Form team who can advise you on the best programme of study to ensure you can take the next steps to your chosen career. Don’t worry, we can support you with this.

I have changed my mind about the subjects I would like to take

It’s not too late! You can change your mind about what subjects you would like to take at any time up to and including at Enrolment. Please email with your changes.

I am worried that I won’t meet the minimum entry requirements

If you don’t meet this entry criteria but achieve grade 3s, please talk to us about your options.

Where can I get more information on my courses?

Our website has further details of all our courses including the exam boards – click here to use the course finder.

If you have any subject specific questions, please contact who can direct your query to the relevant subject leads.

I would like to do some wider reading before I start my courses

Yes. We will communicate any reading or work that we would like you to complete prior to starting with us in due course.

I need more information on travel to the CUC

We have students from Liverpool, Sefton, Wirral, Knowsley and St Helens. Students travel to us by bus, train or on foot. We have a dedicated minibus service which picks up from key transport hubs around Liverpool City Centre. Further details are available here. 

How can I check if I am entitled to a bursary and what does this include?

We ensure that finance is never a barrier to achieving an education. Please click here for details of what our bursary covers and the criteria for our bursary.

I've had a disrupted time in school due to COVID-19. What help is on offer?

We fully appreciates that students are joining us following a period of disruption. With that in mind, we’re adding in more coaching time and contact time with your teachers to make up for what you may have lost out on. Our teachers and support staff are there to support you every step of the way.

I'm concerned that I will have no friends as I don’t know anyone else going

We have students from over 90 different schools attend the College and many of them don’t know anyone else when they start, but everyone always says how easy they found it to make friends straight away. Even those that come with friends from school are in the same boat of starting somewhere new. We offer a range of induction activities in the first few weeks of term and a number of clubs and events to help you settle in  as quickly as possible.