Information for Parents and Carers

This information is intended to provide clarity and transparency to pupils and parents or carers about what to expect from remote education where national or local restrictions require entire cohorts (or bubbles) to remain at home. Please click here for full details of our provision. 

Year 10 Remote Learning Plan – from 4th July 2021


11am – English/ Maths
2pm – Science


9am – Option 2
11am – English/ Maths
2pm – PBL


9am – Studio – Coaching/ UTC – Science
11am – English/ Maths
2pm – Option 2


9am – English/ Maths
11am – English/ Maths
2pm -Option 1


9am – Science
11am – Option 1

The setting of work on Google
Work will be set in accordance with existing LTP and MTLP plans (available on the CUC website), and tasks will be designed to allow students to progress through the learning journey at the same pace as if they were in school, where possible. Naturally, remote learning will require students and teachers to take a different approach to working through content, but tasks should ensure the pace of content coverage is as close as possible to in-school teaching, and ensure students do not fall behind. The nature of tasks set should allow students to learn independently, without the specific support of an adult at home.

Unless there is a good reason not to, work will be set for individual classes. The type of task set will vary between subjects, but examples of appropriate tasks might include:

  • Reading and noting new material from a common subject area textbook or electronic resource.
  • Working through subject-specific presentations or worksheets provided by the subject area.
  • Watching a relevant video resource and making notes on it
  • Completing a listening exercise (e.g. in languages)
  • Written responses to prompt questions, essay plans etc.
  • Completion of practice questions or past papers, particularly for those in examination years.
  • Working through relevant exercises offered by external providers (e.g. Seneca Learning, Hegarty Maths.)


Student Google 5
Check your google image is appropriate
Check that you have pen and paper at hand
Join with your camera turned off
Remember that you are joining a school learning activity and our Every Day is an Interview expectation of professional behaviours is in place.
When you are not speaking ensure you mute your microphone.