Health and life sciences round-up

This month there have been some amazing things going on in the health and life sciences sector across the Liverpool City Region. Read on to hear all about it.


The LYVA Labs team is delivering a pipeline of investment packages to health and life science innovators to help innovation drive growth and jobs in the region. Thats why LYVA Labs has been created, to provide support for the ideas and technologies being developed here in Liverpool City Region. This is to help clinicians, academics and business people throughout the sector and improve the city region’s health by challenging the way we do things today and investing in the projects and technologies that will push the boundaries of tomorrow. Learn more about the health and life sciences fund here…


Be More is a new project launched in the Liverpool City Region, addressing skills shortages through training. More funding for training means the health and life sciences sector in our city is growing, which could mean more opportunities in the future. You can find out more on the Be More website.


The Women in Innovation Awards 2022/23 will be taking place soon, for women entrepreneurs with exciting ideas that inspire others; the winners will take home a £50,000 grant. And the annual Culture and Creativity Awards are also open for nominations, as Mayor Steve Rotheram calls for the best creative talent to come forward. This year, they will be accepting nominations from science, technology and innovation, too. 


“Liverpool City Region has long been a hotbed of innovation,” says Dr John Dyer, Director of Innovation at Life Sciences UTC. “We perform strongly in pharmaceuticals, health and life sciences here, and that’s reflected in the quality of opportunities that our students have to experience real world activities while they’re with us. Seeing the variety of activity here – from projects focusing on vaccine development, antimicrobial resistance and sustainable food production to tackling space exploration, patient care and new health innovations fills them with inspiration for their own future careers. It’s a great place to study in the health and life sciences fields.”


LIGHTBULB MOMENTS – to get you thinking


How to Prevent a Pandemic
The University of Liverpool has made a video on tackling the COVID-19 pandemic, explaining its research and analysing the challenges. But here’s the most interesting part – the video delves into how the university is aiming to prevent future pandemics, too. Watch it here…


100 Bright Ideas
Can you think of 100 ways to improve a patient’s experience? The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre is finding out through its new initiative, The Bright Ideas Scheme, encouraging staff to contribute their ideas. With a £150,000 charitable fund, Clatterbridge is implementing the programme and has seen a variety of bright ideas already, from memory boxes for bereaved children, non-standard equipment to lessen pain and discomfort, reusable water bottles and road testing virtual reality headsets to distract patients while they have treatment.


Access the Space Sector
The future of the space industry, SpaceSpecialists, is holding Space Connections every Wednesday, where individuals and businesses can chat to the team about how to access the space sector. Curious minds can pop down to Daresbury to create links, applications, and capabilities. Find out more here…


Improving Cancer Outcomes
How do cancer care professionals improve outcomes for their patients? A new annual report from the Cheshire and Merseyside Alliance details the work programme dedicated to improving cancer care across the region. Find out more about its vision for better cancer care, services and treatment here…

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