About Redx Pharma


Redx Pharma has quickly established itself as one of the largest biotechnology companies in Europe. Based here in Liverpool, and in Alderley Edge, Cheshire. It is a fast growing, dynamic business focused on the development of a wide range of early stage, proprietary small molecule therapeutics to support the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases.

Redx Pharma has an extensive base of experts in medicinal chemistry, pharmacology and DPMK and work collaboratively with partners such as the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospital Trust to develop new antibiotics and pharmaceutical giants such as AstraZeneca to develop novel cancer therapies.

With a commitment to growth and an increasing need for talented employees, Redx Pharma has been a founding voice in the development of Liverpool Life Sciences UTC.

Working with Life Sciences UTC

CEO, Neil Murray, works as one of the school governing body to shape the direction of the UTC, help the school raise standards of achievement and ensure a high quality education for all students. His extensive understanding of the qualities and skills needed to succeed in the Life Sciences sector, alongside his passion for education make him an incredible, insightful ally. He says: “Here, we have not valued people who are ‘green fingered’ and can do practical things in the way we have valued academic qualifications.”

The Redx Pharma team spend a significant amount of time guiding the UTC on the skills needed, the experiences they should have and supporting the development of projects that allow students to build both experimental technical capabilities and the capacity to think like scientists. They have also delivered a number of masterclasses on the drug development process.

Redx Pharma also offer an extended work placement programme for UTC students to support them in developing their knowledge. Students spend four weeks working on a project set by and with support from their Redx Pharma mentor. Students have had the opportunity to experience real work in a range of departments areas Analytical Chemistry, DPMK, and Biology.


Student Work Placements


Anastasia Roberts, Year 13 says: “Last February I completed a four week placement at Redx Pharma which was an amazing and valuable experience. I acquired many skills such as using a separating funnel and a rotary evaporator, preparing a sample to put on the LCMS and inputting the sample and interpreting the data. I also learnt the importance of keeping your workspace/fume hood clean and organised including labelling samples correctly and cleaning used flasks regularly. This experience confirmed my enthusiasm for working in the pharmaceutical industry as a medicinal chemist.

“My placement has shown me the importance of patience and flexibility which can be applied to my studies when things do not go as planned which I have seen happen during the process of drug discovery at Redx. These attributes are vital in the world of chemistry as you must be able to learn from your mistakes and improve upon your methods to eventually achieve what you set out to do. I believe this is an attitude that is required to successfully complete both my A Level chemistry course and hopefully later a chemistry degree course to the best of my ability and also to work in the pharmaceutical industry”

Anastasia’s Redx Pharma Mentor David McGarry says: “During the work experience month with RedX Anti-Infectives, Anastasia was involved in the synthesis of key biologically active compounds. She was able to help the team by performing supervised reactions, and maintaining suitable data integrity by keeping her lab book up to date. During her time in the company, she was able to get experience in the handling of hazardous chemicals and how to perform simple experimental procedures (i.e weighing chemicals, extractions and filtrations). She also was introduced to new concepts such as TLC, LC-MS and NMR, which she helped perform on a daily basis. She also had the opportunity to experience other areas of the business, such as Biology and DMPK, which she was very enthusiastic about.”

Anastasia’s Chemistry Teacher, Mr Loveridge says: “She is now able to more confidently apply concepts in unfamiliar contexts and readily translates information from one form to another including calculations and organic structural formulae. Anastasia has had lots of practical experience from her time in the innovation labs and on placement which helped her to secure 35/40 in the practical skills component which gives Anastasia a great start towards her grade A.”