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Consultation on increasing the Age Range in accordance with the Published Admission Number (PAN) at Liverpool Life Sciences UTC. This consultation is to seek your views on the proposed change to the admissions age range of Liverpool Life Sciences UTC.

We are proposing to increase the range to allow students to join the UTC at the end of Year 8 for Year 9 provision as well as the current admissions to Years 10 and 12.

The net capacity of the Life Sciences UTC, and published admissions number is 800 and will not be increased at this time.

Locally, a significant number of secondary schools have changed the breakdown of their provision to allow students to complete a two-year Key Stage 3 and a three-year Key Stage 4. This change to the traditional delivery timings has caused the entry to Year 10 provision to start a Key Stage 4 programme to be inappropriate for some students.

Locally, a number of secondary schools have also announced or gone into consultation with parents to offer a revised GCSE Science curriculum, now offering Core and Additional exclusively rather than the previous opportunity for Triple (separate) Sciences to be studies.

The Life Sciences UTC has thus experienced an increase in numbers of students requesting the opportunity to join the UTC at the end of Year 8 and a number of students joining Year 10 having already completed one year of preparation for their GCSE options. The UTC has always made provision for students in special circumstances, such as high achieving students, or those who have a significant medical, personal or educational need to join at this point to complete a two year accelerated programme.

This educational backdrop of a reduction in the number of secondary schools providing separate science at Key Stage 4 and a number of schools offering Key Stage 4 from Year 9 has driven the need for a revision to the advertised admissions age range.

As a “Good” rated UTC, there is an expectation that the UTC should support the Local Authority in meeting the need for sufficient good or outstanding places for students to complete an appropriate curriculum that supports local economic growth sectors.

This consultation is therefore to gain your views and comments on this proposal to allow entry to the UTC at the start of Year 9 prior to any decisions being made. We are informing local community and other stakeholders in the area.

The consultation process will continue until 24th March 2017, after which a full analysis and report with recommendations will be made.

Any comments or suggestions should be made in writing either by post or email to Sian Turner, Clerk to the Trust at the above address or by email to [email protected]