Our student centre is home to all the important things that you need to know regarding term dates, building access, and travel.


Lost student cards can be replaced by emailing Student Services – each new card costs £2.50.


Lockers are not currently available for students. This will be reviewed in October.


Returning to school – We have had to make a number of changes to the usual structure of how things work, so please do take the time to read here.


Notice for Year 12 and 13 students –  whilst we are operating our interim timetable we are asking year 12 and year 13 students to work from home when they are not in for face to face lessons. Our curriculum is designed so that the face to face sessions are supported by additional on line materials.

This means that if their timetable has no lessons on a day they should work remotely. If they have no lessons in the first session of the day they need to attend at 11 for the second session or 13.40 if they have afternoon lessons. Once they have completed sessions for the day they will leave the building to work at home either at 11 or 13.15. If they have sessions both in the morning and afternoon then we ask that they remain in the building over lunch as the transition time is very short.

Where students do not have a face to face session in the second slot of the morning and they do have an afternoon lesson they will be assigned a supervised private study session.


If you have a query, please contact Student Services by email at [email protected]

This is a unique opportunity; no other type of school can prepare students for the world of work in this way.

Leaders, partners and governors have invested heavily to ensure pupils experience industry and university quality techniques and equipment, engaging and inspiring learners and invigorating teaching.

The behaviour of the pupils is outstanding. Excellent conduct, engagement in learning and significantly improved attendance are enabling pupils, including those who may have been disaffected earlier in their school lives, to make strong progress and believe in their futures.