Literacy is integral to our students’ success and is an essential part of all subject areas across our curriculum. Being confident in literacy means that you will be confident across the rest of your studies. Good literacy skills mean great communication skills and opens the doors to many future careers.

As a school, we encourage our students to read for pleasure. Reading for pleasure has been proven to raise literacy standards and support student progress – and we take every opportunity to promote reading across all our subjects.

Have a look at our recommended reading lists for; Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology and Maths  where you can choose from a range of reading to continue your studies at home.

We also provide feedback on our students’ literary skills, across all subjects in the curriculum; these include suggestions on how to improve spelling, grammar, punctuation and essay writing skills. Literacy errors are highlighted throughout all classes, and activities during lesson times offer our students an opportunity to become better communicators.

Developing our students’ vocabulary is important to us, and our ‘word of the week’ provides a fun and educational way for our students to develop a love for language. Weird and wonderful words are displayed around the building and both students and staff members are encouraged to use it, during lesson time and academic mentor time.