Newsletter, Week 4

It has been another busy week, both in and out of the CUC building. I am so grateful to the entire staff team for what can only be described as a gargantuan effort. Site staff and IT staff have worked amazingly hard to ensure all families who requested support with laptops have received them. We have temporarily run out of devices but hope to have more available from next week. Our catering team have reworked the entire menu and staffing plan to ensure we have further reduced the risk of mixing in the canteen spaces. Our teaching team have divided into two groups, those teaching remotely and those in the building working with our year 9s and 13s. I also wanted to thank parents and students for their support. As you can appreciate, this is a complex and stressful process and your kind words and consideration really helps. Attendance and engagement has been superb. Thank you for getting stuck in as always.

A few highlights from this week's sessions:

  • Year 9 Ignite have been very impressive this week. Great maturity and commitment, excellent work all of you. We have been continuing our investigation into important people of the Industrial Revolution examining, George Stephenson (father of the railways) and Joseph Bazalgette (engineer and designer of sewer systems solving the Great Stink in London) in History. In English, we have been continuing our creative writing module and have learning all about different language devices and how to use them to enhance narratives. In Maths we have completed our baselines and have been learning how to perform and describe transformations. Students also took part in an enterprise morning designing and pitching their greeting card ideas. Great team work and collaboration from all involved.


  • Year 10 have really embraced their online learning sessions this week. We have had some fantastic contributions and over 90% attendance in every session. Fantastic work! In Maths, our online lessons focused on interpreting pie charts and scattergraphs. In History we have examined the different types of health care in Medieval England, including the barber surgeon who would remove teeth without painkillers (ouch!). English has focused heavily on Language Paper 1, Q5 (the writing section). Students learnt about using the ‘show not tell method’ in their writing and have also carried on with their study of ‘An Inspector Calls’ by making character banks and watching the screen play.


  • Year 11 have been making great use of the extra time at home this week to do lots of preparation for the Pre Public exams taking place over the next two weeks. Students have been studying Kenilworth Castle from the Elizabethan era in their online learning sessions for History. In English, we have been focusing on analysing ‘An Inspector Calls’ ahead of mocks next week.  They have also had independent work that supports their revision for unseen poetry and Language Paper 1.  Foundation tier Maths students have focussed on equations and graphs. Higher tier maths students have been learning about circle theorems. Our maths team have been particularly impressed with your engagement in online lessons. Well done Year 11! Remember to now complete the independent tasks on Hegarty maths to check your understanding.


  • Year 12s have settled really well into their online programme this week. Again, super attendance, never less than 90% in online sessions and brilliant engagement with the classwork. Working independently is a key skill in Year 12. In History, students are progressing with their dual study of Henry VII [1485-1509] and his founding of the Tudor Dynasty, and the nature of Colonial Government in the British North American Colonies in 1760. In Maths, we have been learning about quadratic inequalities and inequalities on graphs. Year 12 programmers have been remotely learning more Industry standard Asp.Net with C#, focusing on front end design and database development so we can develop the registration system of new users. Biologists have been working on cell replication by studying the cellular processed of mitosis and meiosis. Chemistry students have taken a look at the finer detail of atomic structure, laying the groundwork for more complicated atomic interactions to come. Sociology students have been considering the feminist views on the roles of education and differential achievement by the social class. And finally, our Health students have been studying the work Piaget and Chomsky and their theories on intellectual development.


  • Year 13have had a busy week completing their Pre Public Examinations (mocks). Well done, we are sure your preparation will have paid off. Year 13 programmers have had a particularly strong week working on Object Orientated programming whilst preparing for their Industry project where they will take a client brief and deliver the technical work for a designated partner.We have had a few questions about predicted grades – An update from Dr Moore – Mock exam grades will serve as an indicator of progress so far and a predictor of future performance, so they will be a major factor in generating predicted grades for A-level performance in the Summer of 2021. However, they are not the only piece of information that subject teachers will use to generate these predicted grades. All of the evidence that subject teachers have for their students will be taken into account e.g. past PPE performance, weekly Assess scores, standard of classwork and the standard of independent work completed. All of this will be used to generate a predicted grade. The predicted grades generated by subject staff will then be used by Mr. McCann for management of the UCAS applications process.

Changes to lunch services – as a precaution, we have made some changes to our food services going forward. Where possible, we would ask students to bring a packed lunch. If you are unable to do so, or your child is entitled to free school meals, we will be delivering grab bags to classrooms to reduce the number of people using our social spaces. Students will be offered a range of options for their grab bags and will order them at the start of the day to ensure we can best cater for individual needs. One day each week students will have a hot option that will again be delivered to the classroom.

Notes for this week:

As a reminder to those in isolation – do not go outside, even to buy food or other essentials. Any exercise should be taken within the home. Self-isolating will protect your family and friends and help to reduce the chances of a more serious lockdown. Less than a week to go we can get through this!

Year 11 will start back with Pre Public Exams on Wednesday 30th. Please remember that these exams will help us to determine any gaps in learning from lockdown and allow us to offer targeted support. A reminder that these exams may also contribute to future centre assessed grades so please do treat them as if you are preparing for the real thing.

We encourage our A Level students to take part in the Ritangle Team Maths competition to win a maths hamper

We have launched a new partnership with Investin Education which will offer 50 virtual work experience places for students in Year 12 in a variety of careers. More details to follow.

We have also invested in STEAM School, an online award-winning enrichment programme for year 9 and 10 students which will allow them to experience meaningful employer experiences, creative projects and inspiring masterclasses online.

Students will get more information next week about access to our online tutoring programme, powered by Senecca Learning. This will offer additional provision for students of maths and sciences in year 11, 12 and 13 every evening after school and at weekends.

We will shortly be running elections for a Parent Governor, if you would be interested to be involved in the strategic management of our schools, please do watch out for more information.

If a student is absent, we need you to officially report their absence each day by phone call to Louise Kennett. If your student has missed work, they need to email their coach and teachers to ensure they are not falling behind.

Finally, Year 11 are preparing for their PPE (mock) examinations, starting next week. All of the staff wish them the best of luck!


Best wishes, stay safe,

Jill Davies, Principal