Newsletter, Week 12

It has been a good week. Isn’t that a joyful thing to be able to say. I think I can speak for everyone when I say what a weight was lifted off our minds this week. We are pleased to know that at this moment we are free from Coronavirus in the building. And most importantly, we can crack on with learning knowing that the measures we are taking to keep everyone safe are doing what we all hoped they would. We have also had great news – congratulations to Sarah and Patricio who were announced as the Science Technician Team of the Year 2020. It is lovely to see their hard work acknowledged in this way.

A few highlights from this week's sessions:

For the first time this year, we are also awarding a winning team of Science Technicians. Patricio Vasquez-Aguilar and Sarah Linkman of Liverpool Life Sciences UTC are awarded for their brilliant display of team work and high-level of support given. They actively help students to improve lab skills across all subjects and support BTEC, GSCE and A-Level in a very technical lab environment. Although they work in different areas of the science department, together they share expertise, equipment and sometimes train one another in different techniques. As a team, their combined knowledge and dedication to their students makes them a real asset to their school.

Sarah was one of the original cohort of Life Sciences UTC Students – what a great ambassador for studying here!

Year 9 Ignite have just finished their assessment on Victorian Britain in history and are moving on to look at women’s suffrage. Ignite have shown a huge amount of enthusiasm when studying variation and classification in plants and animals. This level of engagement will surely put them in an advantageous position for starting their GCSEs next September. In maths, we have focused on percentages, looking at calculating the amount of interest on a mortgage to give it a real life context.

Lucy Kay was Star of the Week for her amazing effort in PBL, learning new software and really pushing herself.


Year 10 have been looking at John Hunter in history, his specimen collection and how surgery developed as a result of his discoveries. In sociology, we have been revising the family and households unit ahead of their first end of topic test. In psychology, we have been investigating the use of different sampling methods in psychological research. Year 10 Oxbridge Aspire group enjoyed an online webinar with Holly Ellis, the ‘Scouse Scientist’. Her inspirational presentation talked about how accessible Oxford and Cambridge can be for all students, regardless of background and talked through her journey from a Liverpool comprehensive school to Oxford University and now working as a Genetic Scientist at Liverpool Women’s Hospital. Year 10 are now studying each science separately with different teachers to drive progress. In Biology they have continued to study the nervous system. In Physics they have been exploring Issac Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion. Year 10 Synergy understand why the sand is hot and the sea is cold when you walk on a desert island beach after their study of Specific Heat Capacity. They practiced calculations of Specific Heat Capacity and Specific Latent Heat.


Year 11 history students have been looking at the League of Nations and peacekeeping in the inter war years. Psychology students have sat half of a paper 2 exam this week which provides another assessment opportunity so we can see progress. Results will be shared with parents at parents evening. Sociology students have been studying power and authority in society and answering the question as to who holds each form of power Year 11 are about to move to their new science sets next week and are finishing off this week by completing their Physic topic of electricity. In maths, we have worked on trigonometry. Enterprise have their NCFE Unit01 exam tomorrow, they have been revising and working on past papers. Synergy have been learning about Newton’s laws, and how we can use understanding of the Second Law to reduce injury in car crashes. They also discovered the connection between Sir Isaac Newton and Jeremiah Horrocks, a young man from Toxteth. Year 11 Healthcare PBL have started work on Diabetes by making up sucrose solutions to use next week. They used skills in chemical calculations involving formula mass and molarity in order to work out how to make the solutions.


Year 12 historians have been revising Henry and Wolsey and studying the Stamp and Sugar Acts that built up to the colonists wanting independence in 1700’s America. Psychologists Y12 students got the results for their Biopsychology assessment and learned experimental methods and observational techniques in psychological research. Criminology students have been planning their campaign to raise awareness about an unreported crime of their choosing. Sociologists have been studying the impact of recent educational policies on student achievement. Enterprise are working on their assignments researching the motivations and qualities of successful entrepreneurs. Year 12 BTEC have been isolating at home but have continued their work remotely on the action potential and how the nervous system works with the muscular skeletal system. Maths students are focused on binomial expansion. Further maths students are getting to grips with solving systems of simultaneous equations using matrices. Our maths for engineering students are concentrating on the crucial topic of logarithms. Y12 BTEC students have been revisiting the basics of atomic structure in preparation for the January exams. Chemists are exploring enthalpy changes and their applications in everyday life, eg hand warmers, cool packs and burning fuels. In engineering we have completed our concept designs for our military headphones and phone speaker docking stations, for OCR Cambridge nationals in engjneering. We have used Autodesk sketch book to digitise the rendering process.


Year 13 psychologists sat their assessment for Relationships (paper 3) and started their third topic in paper 3, Schizophrenia. Criminology students have been completing their controlled assessment, analysing a criminal case for equity and describing the process of criminal investigation from initial arrest through to sentencing. Historians have started looking at Mary Tudor and the Wars of Independence, as well as working on developing their 100 years of anti-semitism coursework. Sociology students have been discussing the idea of social mobility and whether rates have increased or not in recent years. Chemists have been exploring the use of transition metal catalysts in industry, which is useful in ensuring the efficiency of production of many everyday chemicals. Applied Scientists have been looking at endothermic and endothermic reactions, and how energy changes dictate the uses of various chemical reactions. Enterprise students are studying hard for their marketing exam in January. In maths, we are working on differentiating trigonometric functions, exponentials and logarithms.

Junior Leadership Team

Following International Men’s day the Junior Leadership Team have been working hard this past week to raise awareness for men’s mental health with posters designed by some of our male year 13 students. This week the JLT also had one of its monthly meetings to discuss upcoming ideas from Christmas fundraising and a new opportunity being designed by some year 13 girls and is being spearheaded by our Head Girl Serena to empower women and girls of all ages. This week we also welcomed some new members to the Junior Leadership Team from year 9 and are excited for them to work with the older students.

Jaemi Aboo, Year 13

Notes for this week:

  • Final reminder on parents evening for Year 11, taking place on Monday and Tuesday next week. We have some helpful videos on the website about how to attend your online meeting and top tips for trouble shooting any issues you might have with cameras or microphones.

How to Attend your Parents Evening Appointments Online

Troubleshooting Issues with Cameras and Microphones

  • For those planning diaries ahead, Year 12 Parents Evening is confirmed for the 19th and 20th Year 10 Parents Evening is booked in for the 2nd and 3rd February.
  • Parents of Year 13 students – a reminder that the UCAS deadline is approaching. If your student still needs help to make a decision or with writing their personal statement, please do follow up with their Coach or Academic Mentor.
  • If you have friends and family who are thinking about sending their son or daughter to the UTC or Studio in September, please do encourage them to come along to our next open evening on the 7th Places are filling really quickly this year so we would encourage them to apply sooner rather than later.
  • Year 11 students are now being introduced to their sixth form options here with us at the CUC. If they would like additional support or advice, please do get in touch. Don’t forget to join us at our Sixth Form Open Evening session on the 3rd December.


We continue to have a small number of students isolating in Year 12 but will soon have all learners back in the building.

Army Testing

We are delighted that over 500 tests were completed on Wednesday and all our results were negative. Thank you to all that took part. Students were very mature and responded brilliantly to this strange experience.

It is very important that if your child is showing symptoms that you keep them at home and book a Coronavirus test. If you need support with this, please do get in touch. Please send an email to [email protected]

Best wishes, stay safe,

Jill Davies, Principal