Summer Newsletter, Week 9


Five year 9 students are competing in a national Competition – the Amazon Longitude Explorer Prize. The students have reached the final with their project – Plasticvore. Voting opens today for the “People’s Choice Award”. If enough people vote they could win £5000 for the school. Please share and vote using the following link…


We have launched an incredible programme of summer schools – all free of charge to attend. Options include photography, games design, game theatre, drama, intro to medicine, first aid, engineering and much more. Places are limited so please do explore the available options to enjoy this summer. Click here to sign up.

Cases are rising quickly and we are asking students and parents to be increasingly vigilant to the symptoms of Coronavirus – even where they have been vaccinated. This week we have had two small bubbles go out due to isolation and we are very conscious of reminding ourselves that we may not yet be out of the woods.

Your at home self tests are vital and we do need you to commit to testing twice a week to keep your friends and family safe.

We would encourage you to follow us on social media and check the website regularly for the latest updates. We may on occasion announce changes with late notice on our social media accounts and follow up with more detailed official communications during office hours.

Notes this week:

  • Due to the rise in Covid cases across the North West of England, a decision was made across Liverpool to reinstate the rule for schools around face coverings. This means that FROM MONDAY all students and staff must wear a face covering both around the building and in lessons. If you are exempt you must wear your exemption lanyard. We will have masks available on arrival and in the classrooms should you need them. I know this may be disappointing and frustrating (and we have loved getting to see your smiles sometimes for the first time!) however we must always do what we need to at these late stages to keep everyone safe and well.
  • Important reminder – there is an inset day on Friday 25th June. The building will be closed to ALL students.
  • We have had to change the date of our Year 13 leavers celebration to Monday 28th June. Year 13, we very much hope to see you there to say goodbye properly.

Highlights this week:

Visit from Autodesk – Autodesk have again taken time out of their busy schedules to work with our engineers. They guided Year 12 through Stress simulations. They helped Year 9 develop CAD models for their COVID safe train carriage projects and the prototype of their plastivore digester. They explained to year 10 what the future of making looks like and what they could be doing now to be part of the future. Straight after the year 12 session, Jake applied the stress analysis simulations to his own project converting his moped from petrol to electric using fusion 360 to design and then 3D print all of the fixings he said “it was brilliant to see what can be done so quickly, and I learnt so much in such a short space of time. Steve, and Charlie are amazing examples of where you can get to within engineering”.

BASIC LIFE SUPPORT – In light of the weekend’s events, we have started looking in-depth at resuscitation. This week, students practised chest compressions on manikins and explored methods of ventilating a casualty; including bag-valve mask usage, expired air ventilation and using a pocket-mask device. Learners will have the chance to use a training Automated External Defibrillator (AED) during the next session.

YEAR 9 – Students have had the chance to start to experience their new GCSE options. They have done exceptionally well and we are impressed at their enthusiasm. Historians have been looking at different individuals who contributed to health. In maths, we have been learning about standard form and particularly how scientists use standard form to help describe the size of objects from as small as an atom to as large as a galaxy. Sociology and Psychology students have started to explore exam content which will help them to prepare for September. Health and Social Care students have completed a Dementia Friends course from the Alzheimer’s Society in their lessons to become more aware of dementia and the needs of people living with dementia. They have been awarded a pin badge to wear with pride on their school lanyard. Scientists have started to explore the topic of speed using wind up toys to test out our hypotheses.

YEAR 9 – ALEP PROJECT – The group entering the Amazon Longitude Explorer prize have finished their prototype of plasticivore, the insect-powered plastic digester. They have hooked sensors up to a raspberry Pi including temperature, humidity and a webcam and are monitoring conditions in the digester box. They have also demonstrated that 100g of plastic packaging can be processed by 1kg of mealworm in less than a week.

YEAR 10 – Biologists are working on health and disease and have started to understand the process carried out by the human immune system. It has been really useful to relate vaccinations and screening programmes to the real world in relation to the current COVID pandemic. Physicists are investigating the properties and uses of the different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. Historians have been working hard in preparation for their PPEs.

YEAR 12 – DNA ORIGAMI – Students have been designing DNA nano-structures and testing their stability. This week the reagents arrived from the University of Leeds for students to construct a DNA nano-structure in the lab. All going well, the DNA will self-assemble into a smiley face that can be viewed using atomic force microscopy by researchers at the University of Leeds. We can’t wait to get started with the lab work and to see what structures the students design now that they can use the CAD software.

YEAR 12Engineers have been exploring how to find the centre of mass of an object, and finding the angle an object would rotate if you pinned one of its corners to a wall. Further maths students have looked at how to calculate the kinetic energy of a moving object, the potential energy of an object about to fall, and the work done and power produced by an engine. Psychologists have completed their social influence topic.

VISIT TO LIVERPOOL BIENNIAL – Year 12 Creative Students explored our amazing city on a walking trail of the Liverpool Biennial Exhibition, This year’s theme explores notions of the body. Drawing on non-Western ways of thinking, it challenges an understanding of the individual as a defined, self-sufficient entity. Students viewed and discussed the work in a really mature way. It was great to get back out into the real world with students, allowing some to experience an art gallery for the first time.

Junior Leadership Team

A big thank you to our JLT for their support in giving tours to students joining us in September. You were incredible ambassadors for the school – thank you!

Combined Cadet Force

Student cadets are working hard in preparation for their 1-day camp on the 9th July, we can’t wait to get onsite and put our skills to the test. This week cadets have been learning some vital basic first aid skills. As we have seen in the media recently, it is so important to be able to respond in an emergency. Our cadets will be able to use these skills throughout their lives and we are impressed by their increasing confidence.

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