Surgical Medical Simulations with Dräger

Our Year 12 have been so lucky to experience working with Dräger (Draeger). Dräger are one of the world’s leading ventilator manufacturers. The company started when their founder discovered a way to pump a steady stream of CO2 into draught beer so the foam was better. From there they went on to make all sorts of things – firefighters breathing apparatus, ventilators, industrial welding equipment…

Ventilators have been a hot topic in the news over the past year due to the crucial role they have played in supporting patients suffering from the worst cases of COVID-19. Our students have been keen to find out more about this and now understand how ventilators support the body’s breathing process giving a patient time to overcome an infection and recover.

We have been able to borrow an anaesthetic machine to go alongside a module about anaesthesia and surgical medicine. This has been a brilliant opportunity to get hands on, inducing SimMan under general anaesthesia, ventilating and delivering medications to keep him asleep and pain free throughout the procedure.

This has been an amazing opportunity and we are so grateful to work with partners to develop and use technical skills in high end medical simulations.

Healthcare technician, Joe Benson says, ‘We are so happy to have been able to offer this level of medical simulation to our aspiring healthcare professionals. Our students’ technical skills are so advanced for their age due to the opportunities to work alongside organisations like Dräger. We have made fantastic use of this equipment this week and are working hard to be able to acquire a permanent machine for the building. This will help to prepare our students to be the very best young nurses and doctors.”

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