Open Evening

Taster Sessions

On the 14th March, the Life Sciences UTC hosted a successful open evening and succeeding round of taster sessions.

Kicking off with Health Care, visitors listened to a fascinating talk from our guest speaker Joy Dodd. Currently working as a practitioner, Joy provided first-hand insight into General Practice and what the role entails. This was followed by an interactive workshop led by our student Health Care team. The hour-long session was an exciting and collaborative addition to the UTC’s Health Care taster series.


Meanwhile, our popular Science taster session provided the perfect opportunity to get involved with practical experience in our state of the art labs for an interactive, interesting and intriguing forensic scenario.

Future social scientists got involved in our exciting Psychology, Sociology and Criminology taster sessions also. The scenario at large was based on the work of Lofus and Palmer and involved interactive activities for groups interested in these fields, focus on the angle of eyewitness testimony.

Each month, the UTC offers varied and exciting sessions based on our different pathways including the likes of forensic sciences, healthcare, social sciences, aquaponics, maths and many more.


Applicants interested in joining us in September are encouraged not to miss our fourth and final science and health care taster session of the year on Wednesday 11th April. For the first time, these two areas are combined to take you on a journey helping you to understand how the different disciplines fit together in the context of a hypothetical real-life setting. The session entitled “Out with a bang!” promises to excite and inspire you whilst enhancing your understanding all the elements of an A&E trauma situation. Book your free place here:






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