A new model for Sixth Form teaching at Life Sciences UTC

Acquire – in your first session each week you will study your subject as a whole cohort, a bit like at university. Your session will last 45 minutes and you will have an introduction to the content of the topic.

Adjust – at the end of this first session, you have an optional 45 minutes for immediate focused support to make sure you understand everything you have covered. This will feel a bit like a university tutorial.

Apply – at your second session of the week you will have the opportunity to apply your learning in context. This might be a science practical, a psychology experiment or a workshop style session.

Assess – in your third session of the week you will test your understanding in an assessment. This helps you to track your progress, understand your strengths and make sure you are getting into the detail on each topic before you move on. If you find you have gaps in your knowledge, you can opt back into the adjust session next week.