UTC students launch anti-food poverty campaign!

Each week, Year 12 students join together to undergo enrichment sessions providing them a chance to develop new skills. This term in particular has seen students thrive from the sessions, as they turn their knowledge and problem solving skills to the tasks at hand, whilst learning how their projects could function as businesses.

For the Food Poverty enrichment, the group looked at what it costs a parent to send a child to school each school year and considered possible ways to help to alleviate some of those financial strains.

Sessions began with calculating costings for school essentials such as school uniform and school meals for one year. From this, the group decided to begin a drive for students to donate any good quality, unwanted uniforms at the end of the school year to the UTC.

Participants of the project have initiated a food bank donation centre within school and will deliver what they receive to a local food bank on a designated date. Students and staff are hopeful this will encourage other students to consider what they eat and how common wastefulness can be.

With the project in full swing, students plan to visit assemblies to raise awareness and inform each year group about the project’s plans.

Parents and students alike are encouraged to get involved with this brilliant initiative.

Keep your eyes on the Life Sciences UTC Twitter page here for updates on the uniform donation drive and all the latest on the campaign.

Well done Year 12!

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