Health & Social Sciences

  • Caroline Perischine – (Teaching Leader)
  • Nichola Graham – (Teacher)
  • Ellie Campbell – (Teacher)


  • Andrew Storey – (Geography Teacher)
  • Chris Challinor – (History Teacher)
  • Laura Bonneson – (History Teacher)
  • Sara Mallo Juarez (Spanish Teacher)


  • Phil Forrest (Teacher)

Social Sciences

  • Katie Small – (Teaching Leader)
  • Tom Atkinson – (Teacher)

Senior Team

  • Jill Davies (Principal)
  • Rupert Stead – (Deputy Principal, KS4)
  • Monica Tomlinson (Director of Inclusion)
  • Lyndsay MacAulay (Director of Engagement)
  • Katie Small (Assistant Principal)
  • Jonathan Moore– (Assistant Principal)

Support Team

  • Clare McGaw – (Exams and SIMs Officer)
  • Donna Edwards – (Principal’s PA)
  • Lisa Dwyer (SENCo)
  • Debra Marsden – (Assistant SENCo)
  • Declan McKenna (Learning Support Assistant)
  • Rocio Manzanera Lidon – (Inclusion Support Coach)
  • Louise Kennett – (Attendance Officer)
  • Schelley Armstrong Brown (Reception)
  • Sean Clegg (Sixth Form Pastoral Manager)
  • Christine Jackson (Destinations and UCAS)
  • Tracey Rennie (Admissions)
  • Christine Jackson – UCAS/Careers


  • Jonathan Moore (Assistant Principal)
  • Carly Brooke –(Teaching Leader)
  • John Dyer – (Teaching Leader Innovation)
  • Beverley Chandler – (Teacher)
  • Rachel Cope – (Teacher)
  • Jane Hayman – (Teacher)
  • Dan Howard – (Teaching Leader Physics)
  • Michaela Mitchell – (Teacher)
  • Tracy Houghton – (Teacher)
  • Sarah Jane Linkman – (Technician)


  • Helen Bell – (Teaching Leader)
  • Evan Delaney – (Teacher)
  • Kevin Dunn (Teacher)
  • Mark Lightfoot


  • Faustina Cofie Barr – (Teaching Leader)
  • Amy Connolly – (Teacher)
  • Oliver Denholm

New Staff

Miss Nichola Graham

I chose to teach health and social care as it is a rewarding career path for people to enter into…

Why did you choose to come to the UTC?

I chose to come and teach at UTC as it is a new and exciting innovative professional development space which enables students to excel. With my background in clinical and health psychology and health and social care I was excited to get stuck into the ethos of ‘every day is in an interview’ and have the opportunity to teach the young minds of today.

Why did you choose to teach the subject you teach?

I chose to teach health and social care as it is a rewarding career path for people to enter into. It teaches various transferable skills and provides learners with a lot of fun and fascinating experiences which they can reflect on later on in their professional career.

What are you looking forward to most of working here?

The health suite is an excellent working space which I will make use of during my classes to enable learners to gain hands-on experience which they would not get if they were simply classroom based. I am looking forward to gaining training in SimMan.

What are your interests outside of the classroom?

I like to travel to various different countries around the world.