We promise our students either a job, apprenticeship or university place, once you’ve successfully completed your studies here. We’re known for it, winning the ‘Career Aspiration Award’ in Educate magazine’s recent awards.

In order for that to happen, exceptional careers advice, guidance and information for all students is essential. We do that both in-house, and by pointing you in the direction of independent advice and guidance, so you have the broadest range of information possible.

Independent advice can be accessed via the National Careers Service, while Which? and UCAS are useful for university advice and information.

If you’re the parents of one of our students, you’ll find more careers information, advice and guidance in our UTC careers leaflet.

For more information on careers, please contact our careers leader Lyndsay MacAulay or by phone on 0151 230 1320.

Which? University A level Explorer

The Life Sciences UTC Careers programme is measured against the Careers Quality Award and tracked against the Gatsby Benchmarks through COMPASS. Quantitative and qualitative data is collected on the impact of the programme and feeds into an annual review of provision which takes place each August.
If you’re considering your A level options and want to understand which subjects will get you on which degree course, try the Which? University A level Explorer. It’s a handy overview of A level options for specific degree courses.


The UCAS app contains important information about higher education and the UCAS application process. Regularly-reviewed so it remains up-to-date and relevant, it’s full of information and advice on what UCAS offers.

UCAS confirmation, clearing and adjustment gives you all the information you need to get prepared for A level results day.

UCAS confirmation and clearing toolkit helps people without a university or college place find a suitable course. The UCAS toolkit is designed to get you thinking about clearing, so that – whether you anticipate using it or not – you understand the steps you’d take to to find a place.


The apprenticeship route provides a valid alternative to university, with the qualifications to match. The Complete Guide to Higher and Degree Apprenticeships talks you through the differences, and reassures that degree apprenticeships will let you graduate with your cap and gown, plus several years of work experience under your belt. 

CEIAG Annual Planning Process

Review (August)

a. Feedback – Student/ Staff/ Parental

b. Review – Impartial provision

c. Legislation and Environmental

d. Strategy

e. Development Plan

f.  Destinations and outcomes

Strategy and Objective Setting (September)

a. Define key areas for annual School Development Plan

b. Define key areas for annual CEAIG Development Plan

Development (September)

a. Map timings for year

b. Plan curriculum

Implementation (September – July)

a. Staff induction

b. Staff CPD Calendar

c. Delivery through Culture

d. Delivery through Subject Areas

e. Build My future Programme

f. Work Experience Programme

g. Masterclass and UTC Transmits Programme

h. Marketing and recruitment

i. Destinations support

Monitoring (September- July)

a. Parent View

b. PASS survey

c. Linkedin

d. Student Feedback on activities

e. Staff Feedback on activities

f. Student Recruitment numbers

g. Governors Reports

h. SMT Reports

i. School Development Plan review

Next Review: October 2018