Our subjects have been designed in conjunction with our university and industry partners, to make sure that students get the best possible education options, for the roles of the future.

Ignite Programme

The Year 9 Ignite Programme* has been designed specifically for those students who are ready to join our school, but not quite ready for the full GCSE programme. It is a unique accelerated experience which will give you the grounding required for you to continue on your GCSE journey with us.

The Ignite curriculum has been designed so that students are able to maintain a broad KS3 provision that allows them to build their basic understanding of the knowledge and skills that are going to allow them to make excellent progress in KS4.

The curriculum is intended to be rich in experiences and knowledge that builds on what you would expect students to meet in a standard Year 9 KS3 provision.

We help students become reflective learners by articulating at the beginning and during the lesson how;

  • This lesson contributes to their overall programme
  • What skills they are developing in the lesson
  • What key knowledge is that is being acquired
  • How this relates to previous lesson and next lesson

We help them be fully engaged learners by ensuring that students do not put hands up to answer questions rather that teachers manage the learning and assessment of learning. We ensure they are all engaged by modelling the learning process and then requiring them to repeat processes so that they become more expert.

We help students to be effective learners by building knowledge acquisition using knowledge organisers and learning journeys.

Planning is under constant review to ensure that our curriculum intention is being met by our implementation of organisation structures and that our assessment cycle can clearly demonstrate to learners that they are building skills and knowledge. Below we have included and introduction to some of the lessons you will be doing as well as some sample work for you to take a look at.

At the end of the Ignite Programme, students naturally progress to our Key Stage 4 programme, selecting GCSE Options for Year 10.

  • The Year 9 Ignite Programme is an accelerator programme for gifted or talented students.


All students study the core subjects

In preparation for choosing their options, students also have sessions of Geography, History and a Modern Foreign Language.

The core curriculum also includes:

  • Enrichment
  • Wellbeing
  • Careers education, information, advice & guidance
  • Personal, social health, citizenship education
  • Physical education
  • Religious education

Students also have the option to choose 2 pathway options

  • Creative – Encompassing Art, Graphics and Photography
  • Health– Encompassing Health Studies, Child Care and Social Care
  • STEAM – Encompassing Engineering and Design
  • Social Science – Encompassing Criminology, Psychology and Sociology
  • Tech – Encompassing Coding, Computer Programming and Design

If you would like to find out more about joining us in Year 9 you can join us at our next open evening.