Ignite programme


Our Ignite programme is perfect for students who’re not sure what to specialise in at GCSE, giving you the broadest possible range of options. This year-long programme, which takes place during Year 9, introduces you to some of the pathways that you’ll be able to choose from in Year 10.

Our Ignite programme brings us together with the Studio school next door, which specialises in the creative and digital sectors.
Principal Jill Davies unites the two schools in bringing together a broad range of creative, digital and technical skills. Ignite recognises how these sectors are becoming ever-more interwoven – for instance with the gamification of healthcare, and big data – as our lives become more connected.

You’ll get the opportunity to combine our cutting-edge science and healthcare curriculum with our state-of-the-art creative and digital facilities.


Our seven specialist pathways include:

  • health
  • humanities
  • creative
  • enterprise and management
  • social sciences
  • tech


Ignite students can choose three pathways to study, alongside your core Year 9 curriculum. You’ll gain insight and expertise into these subjects, fully preparing you for your GCSE choices.

If you’re in Year 8 now and are aiming high in your GCSEs, then this programme is for you. Make the most of Year 9 and use it to get ahead by focusing on key skills and building strong foundations in your core subjects, which will help you to succeed in Year 10 and beyond.

More information about our Ignite pathways and the best route for you can be found in our Ignite booklet.