When and why you might join us…

We don’t take students at the start of Year 7, like most secondary schools, which means you can choose to join a bit later on, when you’ve decided it’s the right time for you to pick a more focused option.

Not having students in year 7 or 8 at our school means we can be more grown up in our approach. It makes the building feel very different to what you might have experienced before. And most importantly, we can offer a more focused curriculum.

Life Sciences UTC is the ideal secondary school and college for you if you would eventually like a career in science, healthcare or engineering. You can take Separate Sciences at GCSE, science, healthcare and engineering qualifications at Level 2 or 3 or A Level, plus social sciences or maths and further maths.

Join our Ignite Programme

Join us in Year 9 for our Ignite programme. This accelerator programme is designed to spark your passion for learning and help you accelerate your learning and skills ahead of starting your GCSEs in Year 10.

You will have a core focus on Maths, English and Science and will also take History, Geography and a modern foreign language to make sure you have a broad skill set in preparation for KS4. And then you’ll also select pathway projects that allow you to experiment and prepare to specialise in areas.

Choose two options from:

  • Creative including Art, Graphics and Photography
  • Health – including Health, Social Care and Childcare
  • STEAM – including Engineering and Design
  • Entrepreneurship – including Business, Finance and Entrepreneurship
  • Social Sciences – including Criminology, Sociology and Psychology
  • Technology – including Coding, Computer Programming and Design
  • Humanities – including History, Geography and World Study


You will also benefit from a coaching programme, enrichment activities and wellbeing which will help you become a rounded learner and in great shape for your GCSEs at Year 10.

If your interested send an email to applications@lifesciencesutc.co.uk to arrange a call from a member of the Senior Team. 

Join us at Year 10 for GCSEs

Do you feel like you actually don’t have that many choices as schools? We take a different view.

If you choose the Life Sciences UTC, you may be thinking about a career in medicine or science, so being able to take separate science at GCSE will be important to you.

If you are thinking about engineering, being able to take Maths, Physics and Engineering or Computer Science will be a definite advantage.

You will also be able to select Psychology and Sociology at GCSE if you want to understand a bit more about people.

You’ll also benefit from project-based learning, a coaching programme, enrichment, wellbeing and careers education. You will benefit from shared experiences, work with a wide range of businesses and local universities to help you prepare for the future.

See the full list here, watch videos from our subject leads and attend an open evening to see if the UTC is right for you.

If your interested send an email to  applications@lifesciencesutc.co.uk  to arrange a call from a member of the Senior Team. 

Making plans for Sixth Form

Year 12 is the first time you get to home in on your area of expertise. Our sixth form curriculums are specifically designed to help you towards your next step. We make a promise to all our students: If you successfully complete your programme of study with us, we guarantee for you a job, apprenticeship or university place.

We have incredible programmes that will help your journey to university, support you to secure a highly competitive apprenticeship or a job. Every single Studio/ UTC student who’s completed their programme of study has achieved this.



  • work on projects that help you towards an EPQ and give you great experiences to talk about on an application
  • have opportunities to complete work experience programmes and other meaningful engagements with our employer partners.
  • get unprecedented access to our University partners too, which will help you prepare for undergraduate studies.
  • build a strong network across the sector you have chosen by the time you finish with us.

We prepare students for the world of work and the jobs of tomorrow.


The UTC will act in accordance with, and will ensure that an Independent Appeal Panel is trained to act in accordance with, all relevant provisions of the School Admissions Code and the School Admissions Appeals Code published by the Department for Education (“the Codes”), as they apply at any given time to academies; and with equalities law and the law on admissions as they apply to academies. For this purpose, reference in the Codes or legislation to “admission authorities” shall be deemed to be references to the governing body of the UTC.

Parents may submit an appeal to the independent appeal panel for unsuccessful applications. At KS5 both the parent and pupil have a separate right of appeal.

Parents/Carers may submit an appeal if their child’s application is unsuccessful.  The appeals should be on the Appeal Form and should be submitted by 7th July 2023. Appeals hearings will take place on 12th July 2023. If an appeal is lodged after the 7th July 2023, the hearing will take place within 30 school days of the date on which it was lodged.

Sixth form appeals, where the offer of a place would have been conditional upon exam results, will be heard within 30 school days of the confirmation of the results.

For full information on the process, click here for our admissions policy