XMaS Scientist Experience

The XmaS Scientist Experience encouraged Female AS Level Physics Students to enter into a competition to win an all-expenses paid, four day trip to the European Synchrotron Facility (ESRF) and Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) world leading science facilities, where they will meet the amazing scientists who work there, as well as explore the beautiful French city of Grenoble.

Entrants were asked to write an essay on ‘What is the legacy of Dorothy Hodgkin, both on the study of structure on an atomic scale, and for women in Science?’

The competition was held nationally, with thousands of budding, young female physicists entering. We are delighted to announce that two of our Yr12 students have won a place on the trip! An amazing achievement, given there were only 13 places up for grabs nationally!

All entrants were invited to attend an evening of inspirational talks at the XMaS Science Galas, which were held at Universities of Warwick and Liverpool. These events served as an opportunity for the applicants to speak to professors, staff and students who went on last year’s trip, as well as discover a number of opportunities and activities to get involved in.

Congratulations to both students who won a place on the trip!

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