Sessions run on rotation, sign up with Mrs Small. Some of the sessions include the following opportunities, determined by our business partners and sponsors to give you a headstart in your future careers. Some of our enrichment activities are listed below:


The UK challenge to design and build a 1000mph jet and rocket powered car is the ideal way for aspiring engineers to showcase their engineering, teamwork and problem-solving skills in a practical and fun way.


Aquaponics is a vital enrichment vehicle that provides students with a hands-on laboratory for life sciences, engineering and design while opening a dialogue around issues of global food security and its potential solutions. Building key skills around research, teamwork, innovation and problem solving, this project is an ideal opportunity for students keen to go on to further study.

First Aid

The response time in first aid incidents is often critical. Students working on the First Aid project build essential lifesaving skills and knowledge to react quickly and efficiently in an emergency. Focusing not only on practical skills but building communication, empathy, teamwork and leadership skills this is a key area for aspiring healthcare professionals.

Sign Language

Enhancing key communication skills, developing empathy and raising awareness of the needs of the 70,000 deaf people in the UK is a key aspect of this enrichment activity, allowing aspiring young healthcare professionals to demonstrate their suitability for a role within the sector.

MacMillan Cancer Care project

Understanding the challenges of living with and around cancer has supported students to be a vital and considerate part of their community. Students are working towards fundraising and awareness raising campaigns within the UTC, allowing them to demonstrate vital teamwork, communication and leadership skills.

Dementia Friends Programme

Working towards achieving Dementia Friends status offers an opportunity to learn more about what it is like to live with dementia and turn that understanding into action. The programme involves meeting dementia patients, a masterclass from a specialist and builds an understanding of the advances in technology. These vital skills support students to achieve a career in health or medicine, building communication skills, empathy, and caring skills ahead of completing a personal statement or application.

Law Society

Participating in the Law Society helps to build a variety of vital skills including communication, teamwork and leadership. Students have worked alongside academics from the University of Law to participate in professional debates, presentations and activities. This is the ideal grounding for careers in law as well as business, banking, finance and the civil service.

Scientific Journal

Communicating scientific research, managing a complex project with a range of contributors and working in a team are all key skills for students looking to progress to university or industry. Working on the UTC International Student Science Journal with schools from The Netherlands and Finland will help students to build a range of very desirable transferable skills.

Zebra Fish

Working with Dr Iain Young at the University of Liverpool, students are developing a research laboratory standard system for maintaining healthy lab populations of Zebra Fish. So far, we have developed key skills in animal care and husbandry by monitoring and improving the lab environment as well as using the system to study engineering a system, reproduction, embryonic development and behaviour.